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To Make Someone Happy Give Experiences, Not Stuff

To Make Someone Happy Give Experiences, Not Stuff

To Make Someone Happy Give Experiences, Not Stuff

As Anne Kates Smith, Senior Editor, Kiplinger’s Personal Finance, shared some important insight that’s good to keep in mind during the holiday season: “What’s on your holiday wish list? Or your shopping list? A bunch of stuff, most likely. But if you really want to make someone happy, skip the sweater and give an experience,” she said. “And if you want to be happier yourself, aim for doing something instead of owning something. Research shows that experiences make people happier than things do, and that has implications not just for the holidays, but for the family budget, the economy and society at large.”

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According to Tom Gilovich, a Cornell University psychology professor who studied the merits of doing versus, ex­periences are more satisfying than possessions. As Smith explained after speaking with Gilovich that’s, “in part because experiences connect you with other people more than material goods do. You may get a kick out of talking about your new iPhone with another Apple fan. But you feel more kinship with someone with whom you’ve shared a trip or a meal. The feeling of kinship often extends to people in general, not just to those with whom you have experiences in common. That’s because experiences reflect more of ourselves than do material goods.”

As Gilovich told Kiplinger’s Personal Finance, “I’m not saying that you don’t invest some of your identification in your clothes, house or the car you drive. But however invested you are in material possessions, they remain out there, separate from you. But we are, arguably, the sum total of our experiences.”

Smith goes on to say that, “Experiences are likely to be evaluated on their own terms. By contrast, says Gilovich, we tend to want to keep up with the Joneses when it comes to our stuff.”

She also points out that, “It’s also more fun to anticipate an experience in the future than it is to wait for a tangible good. The former usually triggers excitement; the latter, often impatience. And while the stuff we own grows old and obsolete, memories of things we did are often burnished with time. We reflect on the accomplishment and the scenery of the climb up the mountain and dwell less on the mosquito bites or the skinned knee.”

Don’t worry! As Smith says, “There’s no need to become an ascetic and give up your material goods—and yes, you still have to write a thank-you note for that sweater from the in-laws. But during this holiday season, and as you ponder your budget at the start of the new year, consider tilting your spending toward experiences.”

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