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Reviews for The Raven Spas in Los Angeles

Reviews for The Raven Spas in Los Angeles

We love you, too!

Velvet Monticello gave us a five-star review on Facebook.  “I just showed up unannounced w/ friends and we were accommodated. A spur of the moment Thai Massage is the ultimate!!”

And Velvet isn’t alone.  All of these people gave us five stars – and we’re so grateful they took the time to share their experiences!  Some enjoyed our infrared sauna in Los Angeles, others seem to think we’re overall the best day spa in Los Angeles.

  • Emma Goodman Beautiful, serene, and transformative! I recommend this Spa for anyone looking for some much needed self-care. As you enter the Spa you feel like you are instantly taken to another world. I highly recommend the Holistic Facials! Your Skin will glow and your body will be feeling like you are floating on a cloud!
  • Sarita-Linda Rocco Nikom is masterful. Angela is a goddess
    My treatments were superb…
    5 days/5 treatments
    Infrared sauna
    Steam shower.
    I’m going back home transformed. I’ll be back  ❤
  • Jennifer Goodman Visited for the first time today and what gem. Such a great vibe and the massage from Nikom was the best!
  • Milda Bublys What a cool vibe here. I LOVE the yoga, it is so my speed…very thoughtful, deep, in times intense, and always a fabulous experience. Definitely not power yoga or bootcamp-y. The instructors are really all so wonderful and kind.
  • Mina Portillo Love this place!!! Had a great time with my girls yesterday!!! We felt so relax after we left and the customer service was great!!!
  • Rëishi Nausicåå Best Thai massages period! Don’t forget to try the acupuncture too


And guess what?  We also earned lots of stars on Google – a total of 4.8 out of 5! Our Los Angeles couple’s massage earned high praise and so did our Thai massages in Santa Monica and Silverlake. Here’s just a sampling:

  • Kimmy Suzuki Great people are working there- after massage, sauna, steam shower, my brain stopped working, and I left my sports bra at this place. A girl working at the front looked for it, and finally located it for me! I know it’s embarrassing, but I just bought it and only wore like twice. And sports bra is pretty pricy…. She and people at The Raven Spa really made my day bright.
  • Daniel Beavis Got a combo massage here, fantastic! Feel great and wish I could do it more. Unexpectedly serene inside given the location, give them a try please! They also have yoga classes.
  • Flexsus Photography From the moment you walk through the beautiful front patio the relaxing mood is set. My girlfriend and I got a couple’s deep tissue massage with a couple of incredibly talented and intuitive masseuses. After our good feeling relaxing massages, we were served warm tea, apples, dates and grapefruit slices! I couldn’t ask for a better experience!!!! Can’t wait to come back! 
  • Jaeson Wilkins Lovely place with the most beautiful interior!
  • kenny grace Simply wonderful. Had the deep tissue massage and want to try the reflexology! 
  • Marcia Adorno Wonderful experience. I’ve had the Rockstar package. Just great. I highly recommend.
  • Adam Schell The best Thai message my wife and I have ever had! (And we spent a month in Thailand for our honeymoon getting a message nearly everyday.) A beautiful, funky, elegant environment–unlike most typical spas–and a truly gifted Thai message master made for the perfect birthday treat.
  • Thomas Kotcheff Incredible Thai massage — best in LA!


We’d like to know what you think!  Visit either the Raven’s Silverlake or Santa Monica spas, where you can enjoy a wide range of services, including the best massage in Santa Monica, please contact:


The Raven
208 Pier Ave, Santa Monica, CA 90405
Tel: (310) 3994747
Open Daily from 10am – 9pm


The Raven
2910 Rowena Ave, Silverlake, CA 90039
Tel: (323) 6440240
Open Daily from 10am – 9pm