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A Visit to the Hammam

A Visit to the Hammam

According to Lonely Planet, “One of the most popular and traditional ways to unwind is by visiting a hammam, a Moroccan bathhouse. Hammams are found in every neighbourhood in Marrakesh, and they are a weekly ritual for many locals, which is worth adopting while you’re here.”

You don’t have to travel to Morocco to discover the benefits of the hammam, though.  And you don’t have to worry about the etiquette of a communal bath. The Raven Spa in Santa Monica invites you to enjoy a Turkish Soak in a private wet room, where you will relax in a deep claw-foot bathtub filled with an ancient Byzantine recipe of pure plant extracts and herbs designed to nourish the skin and body while purging harmful toxins.

An indulgent 20-minute soak is a great way to begin your visit to the Raven Spa, a popular couples spa in Los Angeles as well as one of the best massage places in Santa Monica. Let the soothing waters wash away the worries that followed you through the door before you enjoy a massage, acupuncture treatment of Radiant Raven Facial.

You can also visit our hammam – which translates as “the place of cleansing” – for a 30-minute Turkish Soak & Scrub. After soaking in our deep claw-foot bathtub filled with pure plant extracts and herbs, you can rid your body of unwanted dead skin with a true body scrub that will boost circulation, ease muscle tension, melt away stress and leave your skin feeling incredibly soft.

Not sure what massage treatment to pair with a visit to the hammam? Try our Turkish Soak, Scrub & Oil Massage package. This combo is 90 minutes of healthful bliss! After you’ve soaked and scrubbed and are feeling wonderfully refreshed in mind, body and spirit, you will experience a soothing rub down that uses a special mixture of oils that will continue your journey of renewal and rejuvenation.

Whether we had you at “deep claw-foot bathtub” or have simply piqued your curiosity, we invite you to discover the Hammam experience with a visit to the Raven Spa in Santa Monica.  Located at 208 Pier Avenue, The Raven Spa in Santa Monica is open daily from 10 am to 9 pm.

Here’s what some of our previous customers have had to say about the Raven Spa, one of the most innovative spas in Los Angeles:

“One of the best massages I’ve gotten. Was so relaxed I fell asleep (wasn’t even tired!). The inside of the Spa feels magical. The fruit + date + tea they give after is a really nice touch. The inside doesn’t feel like L.A….feels like an exotic city. Would definitely come back.”

Zohreen A.

Torrance, CA

“Absolutely love this place! Every time I get a massage from here, I leave feeling like I am floating on a cloud. I went here every weekend for almost 2 months after dealing with multiple stressful situations and this place did more for me than anything else. Great staff, customer service, and vibes. Everything is kept super clean, too!”

Christine K.

Tujunga, CA