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Raven an Apt Symbol for L.A. Spas

Raven an Apt Symbol for L.A. Spas

Lions are associated with courage, dogs with loyalty and cats, of course, are associated with curiosity. Ravens also have some powerful associations, associations that we think make them an excellent symbol for two of the most innovative spas in Los Angeles

We may be biased, but the fact that our spas in Los Angeles offer Infrared Sauna Treatment, the Hammam at our Santa Monica location and the availability of acupuncture, among other things, we don’t think we’re out of line to be saying The Raven Spas of Los Angeles are very innovative. (Personally, we think they’re the best day spas in Los Angeles – and so do many of our clients – but we’ll just stick with innovative for now.)

The Raven 

Ravens are large, distinctive birds with a wingspan that can stretch from 3.8 feet to 4.7 feet. According to National Geographic, “Common ravens are actually rather remarkable animals. These sleek, black birds are excellent and acrobatic fliers on par with falcons and hawks. Such aerial skills are on display during breeding season, when exciting mating rituals include an elaborate dance of chases, dives, and rolls.”

They are also known for being very smart. As National Geographic says, “These intelligent birds were honored by Native Americans and often portrayed as sly pranksters for their playful nature.”

Raven Symbolism

According to, “The bird is generally thought to be a symbol of freedom. They can walk on the earth and swim in the sea as humans do but they also have the ability to soar into the sky.” Because of the raven’s ability to move through the different worlds, some cultures have seen the bird as messenger. 

When you experience one of the signature services at our Los Angeles day spas, we hope you pick up on the message we are sending – you are special, and you deserve the best. 

Signature Services at The Raven Spas in Los Angeles: 

The Raven Swedish Massage

60 minutes or 90 minutes 

This is our twist on the classic. Still relaxing and comforting but with the accomplished touch of a true healer. Our therapists use an abundance of hydrating oils with long flowing strokes that unwind even the tightest of muscles.


The Radiant Raven Facial

60 minutes

This is a completely custom Botanical Facial. We use cruelty free, paraben-free and naturally curated skincare from Privai to suit your individual skin’s needs. The Radiant Raven Facial revitalizes, purifies, and deeply nourishes the skin. After 60 minutes of lotions, potions, and delicious massage, you will confidently walk back into the world, Radiant!


To schedule your facial or massage at our Santa Monica spa, call (310) 399 4747.

Appointments at our Los Angeles day spa in Silverlake can be made by calling (323) 644 0240).