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Where Los Angeles couples go for Los Angeles couples massage

Where Los Angeles couples go for Los Angeles couples massage

Your relationship is unique – and we think your couples spa experience should be, too! That’s why The Raven Day Spa in Los Angeles is such a popular destination for couples massage in Los Angeles.

You and your special someone can experience any of our fabulous massage treatments, side by side, at The Raven – one of the most innovative spas in Los Angeles. 

One of the most popular choices for a couples massage in Los Angeles is our traditional Thai massage. If you’ve never experienced this ancient system of healing, you’re in for a treat. If you are familiar with Thai massage and want to introduce this incredible experience to your partner, well then, we think your partner is very lucky to have you!

Thai massage in the Santa Monica or Silverlake location of the The Raven Spa honors a tradition that dates back 2,500 years. The roots of this holistic treatment can be traced back to the practice of yoga and meditation and is connected to Ayurvedic medicine. Lying on tables positioned side-by-side at the best day spa in Los Angeles, our trained massage therapists will use a combination of rhythmic massage, acupressure, gentle twisting, and deep stretching to release the tension from your mind and body.  This unique massage also enhances your body’s ability to resist illness while harmonizing the body, mind and spirit. You and your love will leave feeling revitalized

The Raven Custom Massage is another popular choice for couples massage in Los Angeles. We’re proud to put our name on this treatment because of its ability to meet the needs of your body and spirit.  A variety of massage techniques and styles are blended by our expert massage therapists, creating the ideal oil massage for both of you.

Is your other half a rock star?  Well, then, you might want to consider another popular option for couples massage Los Angeles – we call it The Rock Star.  More than a massage, this fabulous treatment begins as a trained therapist washes and massages your feet and hands using a lavender salt scrub. The next stop on your journey is our incomparable Traditional Thai Massage.  Both stimulating and relaxing, this vigorous massage is truly a gift when experienced together. But your visit to the best Los Angeles couples spa isn’t over yet! Next comes what we like to call “The Facelift.” Your skin and your spirits will feel lifted after an unbelievable half-hour of head, neck, and face massage – a house-made organic yogurt and oat mask is the icing on the cake. By the time your amazing Los Angeles couples massage is complete, you will understand why we call this one the Rock Star!

See why The Raven Spa is consistently ranked among the best day spas in Los Angeles for couples massage!

You can enjoy our approach to Los Angeles couples massage at either of The Raven Spa’s two locations:

The Raven
208 Pier Ave, Santa Monica, CA 90405
Tel: (310) 3994747
Open Daily from 10am – 9pm

The Raven
2910 Rowena Ave, Silverlake, CA 90039
Tel: (323) 6440240
Open Daily from 10am – 9pm